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About Me

Family & Education

My name is Megan Spahr. I received my bachelor's degree in liberal studies, with an emphasis in teaching and learning. I completed my multiple subject teaching credential at California State University Channel Islands. I am excited to begin my 12th year as a 1st grade teacher at Santa Rosa Tech Magnet School. Besides being a teacher, I have been married to my wonderful husband for almost 19 years, and am a mother to 2 beautiful little girls. They have taught me more about love, compassion, and patience, than anyone else in my life. They bring a whole new level of excitement to my life, and I can't wait to share all of those things with your young scholar.


I am an avid gardener, and I love to cook with the fresh herbs that I grow in my own backyard. Recently I have begun raising monarch butterflies in my backyard. I love to listen to live music, spend time with family, and go for morning runs. Of all the things that I love to do, the one thing that has really inspired me has been my extensive travels. To date, I have visited around 20 different countries, including Guatemala, Belize, Spain, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Italy, Morocco, China, Mexico, Hungary, Germany, France, Austria, and Peru. I have sailed the Nile River, tobogganed down the Great Wall, climbed Mount Sinai, explored ancient underground cities, stood in awe of the Pyramids of Giza, and gazed upon the ruins of Machu Picchu after hiking the Inca Trail (one of my proudest accomplishments to date). I have found that these travels have helped me to love and appreciate all different cultures, and has shaped my view and wonderment of the world we live in. I can't wait to share these experiences with my students, and to learn new things from them. Life is about learning and growing, and you will see so much of both over the next school year.

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that learning happens best when we are challenged and encouraged to be brave. I want my students to feel safe and to know that I expect them to make mistakes. Mistakes are vital teaching tools, as long as we recognize them as such. I have high expectations for my students because I want them to know that I absolutely believe they are capable of accomplishing amazing things. Children will reach for whatever bar we place before them. I set the bar high because I want them to reach for the stars. Every child in my classroom has something unique and wonderful to add to our classroom community. I see us as a family that loves and honors one another. Our classroom is a safe place for learning, sharing, exploring, making mistakes, reaching amazing heights, and helping each other along the way. This will be an amazing year for all of us and I can't wait to get started. 

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